The Crew


Mark Snadden (Skipper Owner)

Owner and Skipper, Mark Snadden, has been in the recreational, charter fishing and boating arena for most of his life and is the longest serving charter boat operator in South Australia for over 26 years. Mark is an owner of Reel Action Charters which has won numerous game Fishing tournaments, including being champion angler and champion boat.


Rob Rigoni (Skipper)

Rob has forgotten more about fishing than most of us will ever learn.  Having grown up in the area and spending most of his life on a cray boat, Rob is one of most knowledgeable skippers in the Bottom End of YP and loves nothing more than to keep the deck running smoothly.

 Dale (Crew)

Dale has been with us for a while now and is a very keen fisherman. Dale started as one of our customers and liked it that much he attended training at the Maritime Academy to become a fully qualified crew member.


Peter Koschelew (Crew)

Peter has been a great inclusion to our team with plenty of fishing experience and can be found in his own boat down at Marion Bay. Peter is also a keen diver and can also be found underwater catching crayfish.


Darren Marks

Darren joined the team in 2019 and quickly fast tracked through to Skipper.  This doesnt mean he is new to the fishing word, this guy has gills!   We’ve not been disappointed with Darren.  He’s a hard working knowledgeable fisho and goes out of his way to put you on the fish.  We are really excited for the coming seasons having Darren on board.  He’s available during the week and weekends and has also earned his stripes at Marion Bay.

James Bawden (Skipper)

James has recently become qualified as a Skipper at the Maritime Academy.  James is one of the nicest blokes you will come across on he water.  He’s helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and with plenty of experience both recreational, on our charter boats and also had a stint on a long line boat.


Cody Snadden (Deckie in training)

The whipper snapper has finally come of age and from time to time you may find Cody on the deck.  He has quite a bit of experience having been born with the fishing bug in his blood.  Cody’s specialty is line class and has won numerous awards and even participated in the Tuna Shootout in Lincoln last year.

Cody has just had a World Record confirmed for a Samson Fish on light line.

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Jenny Snadden (Deckhand)

Jenny is the better half to Mark and will run the deck better than most of the guys so don’t get in her way :). Jenny was also a Dive Instructor.


 Nick Rigoni (Deckie in training)

Nick is another fishing tragic and lives for getting a line wet.   If Nick doesnt have a line hanging out the back of a boat, he’s on jetties, cliff or beach fishing.  You wont be disappointed if you have Nick as your deckie.  He has the same blood running through his veins as his dad and is often with Cody fishing in their spare time.